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Someone who is beautiful, both inside and out. Outside, they have gorgeous facial features that are naturally pretty. no make up is needed, no products or anything. Inside, they are naturally smart, and things just "click" easily in their minds. however they are also lazy, and tend to procrastinate if not pushed.
generally, akiko is a girl, however, on rare occaisons, you could find the male version of akiko. (however, they are far different than the female)
used as a noun. subject.
Akiko! you're just too cute!
You know akiko?!
Akiko, do you mind helping me please?
by amber.lee August 30, 2008
Japanese: Sun and Moon, Bright Child
Akiko is such a lively girl, always cheerful and wanting to help.
by amber.lee August 30, 2008
1) means autumn child in japanese. aki being autumn, and ko being child.
my name in japanese is akiko or aki
by the_root_of_all_that_is_random March 24, 2007
Stuffing. (Not for turkey.) Usually goes well with Ellie.
Dude. Stop being such an Akiko!
by WHEEEEEEEEEEE!! January 14, 2007

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