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An Indian name meaning desire/want. Akankshas are usually gorgeous, popular with the guys and don't make girlfriends very easily for the above reason. If you are a girl who happens to be friends with an Akanksha, consider yourself lucky, she will tell you straight up what is going on and is a true gem of a person.
"Do you know Akanksha?"
"Yeah, she's my best friend, why?"
"She's gorgeous! You're so lucky to have a friend like her!"
by brilliantbrunette November 29, 2009
Akanksha is Scandinavian for a scruffy-looking dog. It also refers to women who prefer maternity clothes and drink multiple cups of tea in a day. Akankshas are very argumentative and opinionated.
Dude, that girl's so Akanksha it's not funny!
by Chakri August 21, 2010
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