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the illest form of high thought, that should only be left to those with the skills to understand, and all the rest can suck our hairy unshaven balls
- yo guy, i cant unnerstann that shit.
- thats cause its simple physics, fool
by burgiller February 27, 2005
A town in southern ontario in between the dirty O and Scar City
-where are you from, then?

-ajaaaaax...... (with a mad head shake)

-right on
by burgiller February 27, 2005
an area in southern durham region bordered by the liverpoole road on the west, kingston road on the north, salem road on the east, and lake ontarion on the south
im from the a&p; it takes longer to ride the bus than it does to walk
by burgiller February 27, 2005
The area of in the a&p bordered by pickering beach road on the east, lake ontario on the south, the emperor-a&p hospital-clements road corridor to the north, and duffins creek on the west. the center of which is the clover ridge plaza.
-falby court man, south ajaaaaaaax

-no actually, thats mid ajax.
by burgiller February 27, 2005
a cut-rate grocery store found in the middle of a parking lot anywhere there is a large enough population base to support a solid infrastrucutre of cheap/poor people
-where'd you get those five boxes of broken oreo cookies, man?

- food basics.
by burgiller February 27, 2005
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