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A shy but great girl, very self-concscious hates american music.
Girl 1: That aiza girl is pretty emo
Girl 2: lol your right!
by Frozen*Fire0123 November 24, 2011
11 16

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Aiza is one of the coolest Canadian's around town. She totally owns the JT and also dominates Hanes HerWay underwear company. If you looked up the word Aiza in the dictionary you would probably find the words, "great, awesome possum, wench, wifeh, totally rad, worship her or die, etc. etc." Oh wait...you just did...
"Hey man, you know that Aiza chick?" "Oh yeah, her, dude, she's so hip she can't see past her pelvis!" "d00d."

Oh Aiza, I know her... now there's a wench!
by Shaggy April 24, 2003
28 36