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Native American for "Forever Flowering", "Always Blooming"... a beautiful exotic name for an even more beautiful girl. A girl who is smart, sweet, beautiful, stubborn, athletic, and a true friend. Always has a smile on her face and will be a best friend to anyone she meets. Charming, witty, and compassionate... she loves animals, playing video games, scary movies, sports, and dancing... An Awesomeness of full potential and dreams....
I wish every girl could be an Aiyanna... girls like that are a guys dream....
by An Angel loves you February 03, 2010
Having sex doggy-style while pushing your partners face into the toilet, only letting them come up for air just in time for you to climax in their face.
Dude i totally pulled an Aiyanna last night on Erin, she was totatly down for it.
by Jab Loves You January 02, 2010