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Celtic origins translating to "dream"

Aishling is a true beauty well known amoungst her friends for being down to earth and being careing while having stunning looks. A true rareity!
Aishling's are also very intelligent and succesful but dont over do it at the same time by balncing their lifestyles.
Many boys and men would turn their heads for a glimpse of Aishling and gain extreme ego boosts if she talked to them, which is more than likely.
A perfect woman for any loveing and appreciative man!
If I ever have a daughter, I'd want her to be an Aishling.
by irishfairy February 03, 2010

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1) Means 'dream' in gaelic. The addition of the suffix 'fluc' changes the meaning to 'wet dream'.
The entire population of Aishlings are incredibly pissed their name was used as an example in the definition 'rainbow kiss'
by Ashwing June 15, 2009