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The only response you ever need to any person, machine, software application or alien being that suggests you should wait for anything.
Doctor "it's going to be several weeks before the test results come back"

You "Ain't nobody got time for dat!"
by Triford January 16, 2013
Not having the required amount of fucks or time to complete or sit through a task that requires too much effort and is usually a waste of time. It derived from Sweet Brown's interview on her experience with a house fire that went viral on the internet in 2012.
Patrice: Did you see the video man who drew at 1000+ page picture flip-book of the ENTIRE sponge bob episode??

Murphy: yeah...ain't nobody got time for dat!


Patrice: 5 minute commercial to watch a youtube video??? Ain't nobody got time for dat!
by cold pops February 09, 2013
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