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Meaning: Origianally used to denote someone who is good at first-person shooter video games. Eventually adapted to be used as a synonym for good. Became especially popular because of the implications that someone is using hacks when called "aimetti" beacause the first three letters are AIM, which is a type of Counter-Strike hack.
Origin: Named after professional Counter-Strike player Dan Aimetti. At the time the word started being used, he played for team zEx.
Wow, nice shot. You're a regualar aimetti.
Yeah, he's pretty aimetti when it comes to basketball.
by Mazzitelli June 24, 2005
one who posseses the skill that exceeds expecations to win money by playing a first person shooter, but also supports the most overpaid and worst team in baseball, the yankees.
wow you did really well at cpl! too bad your an aimetti!~~~~~~
by omglol January 22, 2005
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