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from the french term love/like.

It is my name!!!
my name is Aime.
yes thats right it is my name.
by FLUXjade March 02, 2009
A walking contradiction a beautiful disaster the most confusing and amazing person u will ever meet she is both hated and loved there is no middle ground easy to get along with till u piss her off then watch out
Aime beat the shit out of that guy for being mean to me she's such a good friend
by Threetwoone October 19, 2013
1. name derived from the hebrew/latin word meaning "Freind". a masculine form of names such as; Aimee or Amy

2. quite possibly the most violentand tom-boyish girl you'll ever meet. If you're asking for a deathwish-get to know her.

3. a term used to describe an actual hermaphrodie :p!!
1. a perfect example of an "aime" would be "angelina jolie"...enough said.

2."is aime gay or something" "'s kindda hard to tell what 'it' is since it's got 'everything down there'"
by annoying pizza-faced freak October 22, 2008
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