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she is so beautiful and pretty and is good at almost anything she is super popular and gets all the guys and i super sexy and an amazing friend <3
wow she's an ailish
by skskskskssksksksk March 30, 2013
A beautiful person inside and out. She looks out for everyone and loves everyone, shows kindness to everyone. Is very strong still with all the people who are jealous and dislike her. Is very talented
Ask Ailish, she'll know the answer
by kidrauhlfan July 03, 2013
Most beautiful, gorgeous, hot, kind, smart, amazing, funny, loving, caring, athletic, perfect girl ever. So beautiful its unbelievable, so kind you will fall in love instantly, so smart it seems impossible, so athletic its amazing, and just an all around perfect girl.
«Shes such an Ailish»

I know she's perfect

«The most gorgeous and popular girl ever

I know, I wish she was my girlfriend≥
by lemon_glitter November 05, 2014
a tanned skin girl who can play a convincing seed, who cannot raise one eyebrow without an eye shutting. is very beautiful and is amazing in any form and any boy lucky to have her should treat the best thing that ever happened to them. is definately a keeper, <3
are you okay with this Ailish? -ro-kaay.
by huggs; August 10, 2011
Overweight tramp who derives pleasure from sleeping with married men. Generally has large cankles. Odd habits include speaking with fake accents and farting in bed.
The poor man, he never saw that Ailish coming.
by derbonxx February 07, 2010
A Woman With Two Hairy Balls Which
Sticks To The Teeth When Prodded With
A Cameleon
I Just Ailish'd Yer Mum Last Night Man
by Martin Bee Wyt.1 July 10, 2008
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