When to people attempt to, but cannot reach common ground and agree that there can be no agreement between them.
Kid 1: Mom and dad had a big argument yesterday
Kid 2: What happened?
Kid 1: Mom wanted to go to Olive Garden for some alone time with dad, but the NBA championships were on, it was 4th quarter in game 6 of the Bulls-Celtics series. Dad promised to go later, but mom insisted on going now. After 10 minutes of bickering, they ordered me to my room. I could still hear them cursing though
Kid 2: So what happened?
Kid 1: They agree to disagree. Mom went to olive garden with some of her friends and dad stayed home and watched the game.
Kid 2: Was it worth it?
Kid 1: I guess, the bulls won by one point in OT and mom came home full with a smile
by J Wonda May 16, 2009
An argument that one throws out in a debatable situation when they are tired of arguing, and do not want to admit that they are wrong, and the opposing view may be right.
Guy 1: God does not exist.
Guy 2: How do you know?
Guy 1: Because there is proof of such.
Guy 2: So in order for you to make this claim then you must have absolute proof that proof exist to disprove the existence of God.
Guy 1: Yes
Guy 2: Then you you must be God.
Guy 1: No, God does not exist.
Guy 2: but in order for you to say you have absolute proof to disprove the existence of God you must be omnipresent and all knowing to make such a claim. Are you any of those?
Guy 1: Well I just think that we should agree to disagree then.
by swillia9 November 03, 2011
1) verb: When multiple parties accord that they have/will not reconcile(d) a dispute.

2) verb: What many urbandictionary.com users have done in reference to another user's definition of 'agree to disagree'.
1) If people with leftist views agree to disagree with the views of right-wingers, and vice versa, I'm not too sure they will have anything to talk about.

2) 954 thumbs up to 3669 down?? I'd say that most people will agree to disagree with Calvin the Great, wouldn't you?
by Chief Running Brain May 19, 2009
To disagree, with the significant stipulation that the speaker will not attempt to change their mind of the listener.
On that point, we agree to disagree.
by patsw May 16, 2009
when you've been arguing, get nowhere and no-one yields their view, and you don't want to waste any more time..
'Dylan's lyrics are the greatest..'

'You mean Leonard Cohen's ?...'

'Oh we've been there before.. let's agree to disagree, and go get a Cokesi..'
by mikroth May 16, 2009
We respect each other's views, despite how wrong yours is.
Person #1: "Gosh, your sister is such a freak. No wonder she can't get any men."
Person #2: "That would be because my sister prefers other women, dumbass."
Person #1: "Now that's just unnatural."
Person #2: "Let's agree to disagree on that."
by Slut415 June 14, 2009
When parents are trying to understand each others point of view.

When people are at an impass as to what what they are discussing or unwilling to give ground about the others point of view.
I know that I am right about little Joey not wanting to move.

No I disagree, he does want to move and make new friends.

Excuse me but all his friends are at the old school and he told me with a tear in his eye that he doesn't want to move.

How about we both agree to disagree for the time being
by dragongirl702 May 16, 2009
Well-mannered response to an unpersuasive antagonist.
I argued that the 1346ºF temps of the WTC 7 debris pile 5 days after 9/11 (documented by USGS from AVIRIS remote sensing data) could only be generated by thermite or thermate. Especially when NIST acknowledged in their final report of 11/08 that WTC 7 office fires burned out in 20 minutes in any given location. When the "debunker" proceeded to eloquently thank me for being a douchebag fucktard anal scab, I politely decided to quit wasting my keystrokes and agree to disagree.
by undiesinabunch May 16, 2009
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