Top Definition
kick ass or insanely awesome
Guy1: Did you see that!
Guy2: dude thats agor!
by Stingraytom November 14, 2009
Agor - The other side of Secor. Agor is a more richer part of Mahopac, and there is some pretty badass people here, such as Joe, Vittorio, Mike, Lou, Dave, and others. Agor is also defined as A1, AGORRRRR, or A-Life. People want to be like us, but they can't.
Ghetto kid 1 - Yo is that kid from Agor?
Ghetto kid 2 - Shit bro, lets not f*ck with him..
Ghetto kid 1 - Yea no doubt, I heard Agor knows mad people
by Joe Bassi May 04, 2008

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