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The word Agfa is directly associated to King Leopold, a sadist, racist and fascist that had no ideas what so ever: he always try to do what other did.
Cutting off people hands and feet, steeling, killing people during the Belgian occupation of several African countries.

Agfa is therefore often used to describe a typical sadist/fascist copy cat.

Geveart was King Leopolds sick assistant.

He is such and sad piece of Agfa!

(Meaning he (normally he) is such a fake (pretender) sadist. The kind of person that play football with kittens.)

Agfa and his Geveart! Those guys are bad!
(When more than one bad guy.)
by N O'color April 25, 2009
He likes to lick on his mother and he is gay, you find him at the red light district searching for men to sleep with
Oh look agfa is drinking from a used condom he is fAGFA!!
by [Bruce] December 08, 2004

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