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Current car produced by Koenigsegg. In contrast with the older CCX, the Agera was designed with more of an emphasis on handling, as is demonstrated by the higher downforce. A further departure from the design of the CCX exists in the mode of forced induction employed in the Agera (turbocharging as opposed to supercharging).
If Top Gear puts the Agera or the Agera R around their track, it is expected that the Stig will set a very fast time.
#car #koenigsegg #cars #automobiles #supercars #supercharged #sweden #v8 #dct
by ColossalWalrus December 28, 2011
An STD transmitted by anal
'Oh shit Oli I've given you my agera'
'It's okay brit, what's yours is mine'
by Jdkajdiskakdj April 23, 2016
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