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An aggressive variant of Ask Jeeves
Now there's more than one of them?
A lot more
by Snarfevs December 05, 2004

A call used to prompt people to migrate to the situationally furthest degree, the utterance of which is usually a corollary of urging Fhqwgads to come on.
Everybody to the limit!
Do it!
Do it now!
by Snarfevs September 15, 2004

An agglomeration of flavouring powder that may collect in a solid mass during the manufacturing of a snack product and be found in the bottom of the snack's packet. These masses are especially common in the manufacture of the cheese snack known as 'Twisties'. They may be considered a sign of good luck to come.
Person 1: Whoa my god! I found a twisty thing in my chips!
Person 2: What flavour?
Person 1: Barbecue
Person 2: Don't eat it then. Varnish and mount it, dude!
by Snarfevs December 01, 2003
A wannabe protein.

A robot built on a molecular scale.

Found in copious quantities in science fiction where they exhibit properties such as rapidly replicating regardless of available suitable molecular feedstock, curing tinea, decapitation and stomach ulcers and repairing plot holes.

Also found in small numbers in scientific literature where they show great promise in doing all kinds of really freaking cool stuff, once they grow up a bit.
1. "Well, I've had my nanobot injection. Let's go eat some lard."

2. "You were caught in an atomic explosion but we managed to reconstruct you with the help of nanobots."

3. "The nanobots are eating my clothing!"

4. "Initial atomic force microscopy of the nanobots indicates a high level of freaking coolness"
by Snarfevs November 01, 2004
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