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When a person from a previous generation complains about the shortcomings of the current generation - also known as remembering the "good ole days" that really weren't all that great. Usually accompanied by "Back in my day...", "When I was your age...", or "Kids today..." This is also usually a sign that the rager has forgotten that 1) They were young once and raised hell too, and 2) The current generation is a direct result of methods of raising used by the previous generations.
Donnie: "We don't need no stinkin' sex ed! In my day, we learned about the functions and anatomy of gender. Not how to actually have sex. When I was your age, if I got caught in school kissing my girlfriend, odds are depending on how hot and heavy that kiss was, I would have been at minimum suspended up to expelled."
Erin: "Oh, quit with the age rage, Donnie."
by brawlberry April 17, 2013

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