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Afzal is an arabic word used for to discribe a big thing. It can be a name of a Muslim.
Naeem Afzal means a big gift from God.
by NAEEM AFZAL July 30, 2007
look at Affy
Afzal is the same as Affy
by Rinoa September 28, 2003
An extremely hot, well-built guy with awesome hair, great cheekbones and would make a great boyfriend. Probably gay though.
"Hey who's that hot guy dancing with that other guy?"
"Oh him...he's Afzal"
by sadfacebutnotrlly October 15, 2014
an unusual human being who make weird noises. thinks he is a badman. is in love with big sean and wants him in his bed. fave word C-DAWG! loves to make dolphin noises.
kinda weird, he is an afzal
by loverrr4567890 February 28, 2012
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