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4 definitions by Rinoa

The main female half of the famous play by William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet. Portrayed as a gentle, sheltered, rich, and lovestruck teenage girl.
It is the east; and Juliet is the sun.
by Rinoa September 01, 2004
325 162
Character from a videogame called Final Fantasy VIII in the popular Final Fantasy series by Squaresoft. Main female lead character, with both a large following of fans and an equally large following of haters.
Rinoa's statistics tend to develop quite higher than any other characters in the game.
by Rinoa September 01, 2004
82 25
look at Affy
Afzal is the same as Affy
by Rinoa September 28, 2003
20 19
RO = Ragnarok Online
senkai = world in japan

ROsenkai = FanSite of Ragnarok Online
Ragnarok Online Senkai
by Rinoa August 02, 2003
2 2