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A girl who is nearly perfect in every way.
I'm dating a girl who is an Afton.
by Craig Thompson March 24, 2004
The most awesomest female I have ever met in my 16 years of life.
You can try as hard as as you want, you are still not going to be an Afton.
by BlenderB February 14, 2009
this is my name, and i know its hott, no need to tell me twice or 5 times. i love it too
Hello fellow peoples of america, my name is Afton...dont ask
by Cabla January 14, 2005
Shuggie - do- lolly, You-who-who, hoot-n-nanny, Faith, Cissy's baby, miricle of God, my joy, beautiful young woman of God, fun, loving, kind, wonderful niece, s-m-a-r-t, survivor, gifted, talented, majorette, french horn player, loves string, tape, bandaids and can build anything with those three things, cat scratch fever, high-tech
Afton wonderful young woman dedicated to God, her family and her friends. At times appears to be non-responsive to her mothers voice but in reality knows everything that is happining around her. Survivor of a deadly disease cat-bite-fever - "REALLY". Almost died 2011, but was saved by God to continue to bless the lives of all those who love her.
by Afton's Cissy May 29, 2012
A place where chlamydia makes headlines and lesbians rule the school
In Afton I got the STD Chlamydia from my lesbian girlfriend
by not from Afton September 02, 2008
a girl that is sexually affiliated with many men at once.
guy #1. "yo, i fucked an afton last night!"
guy #2. "you should probably get checked"
by retroooooooo maaan April 08, 2009
whore who doesn't pay rent and uses all of the hot water in the shower, leaving none for anybody else.
damn dude, that girl is such an afton.
by awwnigga89 January 13, 2009
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