The feeling of Taking a shit when just finished taking a shit.
Dude #1: Walks out of the bathroom

(Phroom, Dude # 2 rushes to the bathroom and locks himself up)

Dude #2: Aftershit!

Dude#1: Oh, okay.
I understand
by Theunknown man October 18, 2008
Top Definition
A defecatory condition whereby the subject, after just previously taking a rampant and usually excessively volatile and suspiciously aqueous shit, is compelled to perform a re-shit moments later with very little prior warning.
'Jake, watch my beer I gotta go to the shitter'
'Radek, you just went like 5 minutes ago'
'No Jake, I got The Aftershits'
'Dude, is it because of the bape?'
'Yes Jake, I got baped hard.'
'That sucks.'
by Trace Element August 16, 2005
An uncommon phenomenon that occurs after taking a normal shit, then hanging out on the can do to relief or for the sheer stench of it. After no less than a minute (or more) later, unexpectedly taking another shit (usually lesser than the first).

This phenomenon is similar in theory to what a woman experiences as the afterbirth.
An Aftershit must be separate from the original shit by at least 60 seconds to be considered a true Aftershit.
Delayed shitting do to constipation and continual shitting do to diarrhea are not considered true "Aftershits"
by The Dumpmaster January 01, 2011
An after-shit is an uncommon phenomenon which occurs after taking a normal shit. Usually, minutes after completing your first dump, you unexpectedly shit again. Whether or not you are on the can is inconsequential.
John thought he was done in the bathroom, but one change of pants later, he learned to respect the dreaded after-shit.
by Oaff January 13, 2012
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