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The slight glimpses of memory and interactions, from a previous nights drunkenness, that are remembered only whilst, or after, recuperating in a foggy, fuzzy, hangover"y" mess.
She was so wasted. Dancing on the bar, kissing 4 dudes and 5 chicks. Wonder what she'll remember afterhand?
Wait, I think I remember now. Was I really trying to hump that police horse? Of course I remember that afterhand.

I love you! And I love you and you and you! Let's see how much I love you guys afterhand.......(burp) I love you and you!
by CeeWizzle June 04, 2013
Jerking off after sex.
That girl wouldn't let me cum on her so I had to resort to some afterhand.
by Amelia Mockett October 11, 2011
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