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n. The combination of amniotic fluid, blood, placenta giblits, and vaginal secretions that pour from the vagina immediately after the birth of a child. Visually, Afterbirth resembles a watered down mixture of Applesauce, Ketchup, and Mustard. Modern myth suggests that Afterbirth gives special properties and or magic powers if consumed, but this is purely speculation.

Unfounded claims concerning Afterbirth:
1. One of KFC's the 12 secret herbs and spices.
2. The secret to Dick Clark's youthful appearence.
3. The real reason John F. Kennedy was shot.
4. Found in all varities of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.
5. What George Lucas really spends all his money on.

See also: chunky beef stew
Sebastian fell to his knees, rolled out his tongue like a dog, and began laping up his wife's precious Afterbirth from the hospital floor.
by Quinn Mallory January 12, 2006
After you take a large solid dump, the extra shit n' bits that drip from your asshole anywhere from right after to 30 minutes after your initial shit takes place.
O my God Pearl, I just took the biggest dump and i feel some afterbirth coming on.
by Charles Yim October 13, 2010
A dry, medium-sized fart that is expelled minutes after taking a shit.
Having finished his bowel movement, Sebastian rejoined the party. Minutes later, he let out a smelly, good sounding fart. He told everyone, "It's just some afterbirth."
by The Stain March 29, 2007
(noun): Shortly after taking a massive crap, you have the sudden urgency to go again. The second time around it is called after birth.
After walking down the hall after my time on the throne was complete, I sprinted back the way I came knowing the after birth was on its way.
by Fishstick1331 October 12, 2011
The brown, mucusy, corn-filled sputum that drips out your ass after your done taking a big, healthy, solid dump.
Hey Mike, did you clean up your messy afterbirth after you took your morning shit?
by Jesssssie April 03, 2007
The coolest website / music composition website ever. - The music induces an OC high. (See Oxycontin)
Dude I just totally after-birthed and stayed up till 4 AM. Sweet-

Dude After Birth dominates my car stereo, CD Player, headphones, and Computer playlist.
by Soniti October 12, 2004
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