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a name that describes the most beautiful female one could ever lay eyes on. they say nothing in the world is perfect but she's the closest thing to it, and is someone a person would have to experience for him/herself to believe what is at first glance, unbelievable.

althought she may seem flawless on the outside, the true beauty of her being is what's on the inside. everything from funny, unique, cute and reliable can be found within this one person, and ever since i've met her i've loved every moment with her
by swaggged out August 03, 2010
It is of African decent...meaning healthy.. which includes mental, physical and spiritual. She is a leader and is often followed. She is destend for greatness and exzudes confidence. Loves people and finds joy in helping other but has no patience for foolishness or ingnorance. Often imitaded but never duplicated!
Afiya is very intelegant and beautiful.
by Afiya j. A. Richards February 02, 2010
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