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An Accidental Emo. Those people who ARE emo's but won admit it, or go so far to claim that not only are they not emo but geniunly dislike emos, and yetare so clearly an emo themselves.
That kid over there with the black hair with blonde streak and girls jeans on but says he hates all emos is an Aemo
by Mr Kipling April 06, 2008
The opposite of Emo. Anti-Emo.
Since getting her new job, she has been aemo.
by Bad!Ninja July 17, 2006
short for Anti-Emo, group against the spreading disease of emo's and wannabe-emo's.
When you are against the gayhairstyle, the crymusic and the gay behaviour of these surrogate men you can call yourself an æmo.
'Look at that æmo, glad were Æmo guys'

*eating Emo-like from a candybox*
... fagget
*eating æmo-like from a candybox*
...dude you own!
by Mært October 16, 2005

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