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Advent (Noun)

1. The coming

Used at points of climax, usually during secks. For the purpose of .. informing your partner, friends, co-workers, teachers/students, parents, &the rest of the world.
Person Thing: I'm ADVENT.
Horny Wannabe-Messican: (Fake Fobby Accent) Oh baby.
by Ee? September 14, 2005
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n. - One of the top progressive guilds of the World of Warcraft server Tichondriusfrom 2005-2006.

Made legendary by the leader Shaunconnery and his Thunderfury (begotten him by his brethren Silrani in the latter times of Advent's peak), Advent was well-respected and considered to be one of the chillest guilds on the server.
"You are no longer a member of Advent."
"Shootemup left Advent to join Easy Company."
by Brent Soffey November 29, 2006
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n. - One of the top progressive guilds of Tichondrius from 2005-2006. Also referred to as one of the chillest guilds to have ever existed.

Note: Led by the infamous rapper Shaunconnery (MC Ryuu) and his mighty Thunderfury
"Advent uses dynamicity."
"Advent Guild Online!"
by Silrani December 02, 2006
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