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A condition afflicting sophmores resulting in the follwoing symptoms: grouchiness, headache, tiredness,yawning, bitching, death, brain death, inability to do anything else and the obsession on a five on the AP exam. To avoid this condition ddo not take an AP course.
After Advanced Placement World History, i couldnt even tie my shoe laces...
by ap...arg September 12, 2005
An advanced high school course designed in order to make otherwise average high school students have nervous breakdowns before or during their sophomore year.
Although AP World History was hard, I sustained no permanent dain bramage.
by Brian December 16, 2003
A Class in which teenagers of the sophomore year usually take that results in insomnia,and head-aches.
Man..that AP World History Exam was the mad news!
by The Pimp April 24, 2005
an advanced placement course that really isn't too challenging. many of the sophomores who take it just aren't smart and study all day and still get 50's on tests. if you aren't naturally smart you will fail. so don't cry when you do
hey look i got a 5 on the advanced placement world history test. you got a 2? maybe it's because you don't belong in an ap course. go to regulars where you belong
by stopcrying919191 April 21, 2010
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