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Just being like the man its named after. Fucking awesome or just being a jerk.
Dude that guy is a total "Adric"
#awesome #dope #bastard #s.o.b. #wicked #prick
by dyzhoker September 15, 2009
To martyr oneself in order to save others' lives. Named after the companion in Doctor Who (Tom Baker/Peter Davison era) who died in an exploding spacecraft in his attempt to prevent the Cybermen-controlled spacecraft from destroying Earth.
Oh my G-d, that crazy boy is trying to Adric himself by running into the nerve gas testing area!
#the doctor #companion #k-9 #tardis #the master #daleks #cybermen
by pentozali April 06, 2013
+The gay fellow from Doctor Who. Seemingly gay...
+That guy who always farts in the elevator and looks at you like you did it.
+ The jerk who drives up the arse end of your car because some other driver pissed him off earlier.
+The sort of person who gets you presents that 90% of the time are stolen from the op-shop.
+An aggressive man who needs a woman that wont take any of his shit.
Driving down the road - doing the speed limit, "ah fuck, im being tail-ended by a fucking "Adric".
#asshole #jerk #aggressive #thief #farty
by fayelah November 15, 2012
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