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Something that you can wedge a door with, to keep it open. Examples of adoorable items include (but are not limited to) the following: ugly children, dead animals, rotten produce, and hostages.
Jenny: "Oh Tina, your baby is so adoorable!"
Tina: "I know! It's nearly the most useful thing I've produced in the last year."
-Baby in Corner-: "Growl...Snarl"
by V'exille September 22, 2008
(Pronounced a/do/rable) When someone is so cute that you'd have sex with them
Quincy: Hey man, have you noticed Candice?
Franky: Are you kidding, she's adoorable!
Quincy: Skrew you she's my sister
by Handy Sandwich March 14, 2015
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