The most fucked up man who ever lived. Adolf Hitler killed 7 million Jews, and homosexuals, Roman Catholics, hippies, even if you were just born with brown hair he would kill you. He believed in the 'master race.' He was the leader of the Nazi Party, in power in Germany, thus we all went to war. He lost and killed himself. (Apparently, no one actually knows... ) but they did find his body.

Who was responsible for the death of millions of innocent people, killed just because they looked a certain way or believed in some thing different?
Adolf Hitler.
by AFigmentofYourImagination April 09, 2009
Fascist scumbag, given birth in a more or less common family in 1889 (born in austria) and finally commited suicide on the 30rd of april in 1945.
Founder of the national-socialism ideology and responsible for the killing of 57 million people;best-known for two issues:
1.)His effort to exterminate the jews, sinti, roma, communists and also the african (which he considered as a half-ape, half-man species), if they would have bothered him.
2.)World War II, mankind's first serious attempt to exterminate itself.
"who was the most vicious person ever, daddy?"
"definitely adolf hitler."
by snzzl May 16, 2005
adolf hitler served in the First World War, He first tried to get accepted into Austria Army but after a mental Test he was rejected from joining from there he then moved to Germany where he reaplied to join Germany Army... Germany being so needly for men they accepted him. He Fought through out WW1 and made the rank of corporal. After being hit with a gas attack during 1918 I believe he was hospitalied Until he was returned to munich.

Now to Skip ahead a bit. After Proving to the german people that he kept he promise to turning germany depression into something. The German people then believed whatever adolf hilter told them from here on out.. He had a Great Fighting Force with the creation of the Tastic Lighting War.. or Blitzkreig (probably spelt wrong). His Air Combat was unbeatable till the Battle of Britain where Britian beat them with 1:3 of germany fighting aircrafts. After making a pact with Russia to not involve them with the War.. Hilter soon after attacked Russia where he made it to Stalingrad and was halted by Russia Forces.. because of Germany bombing of Stalingrad. it made the perfect battleground to protect. Soon the Harsh winter rolled in and hit the morale of the Germany ill suited men and soon forced them to withdraw... I may be wrong with some of this if I am feel free to add on or change anything I know I missed alot but my fingers are getting tired
Adolf Hitler leader of the Nazi Party maybe one of the smartest man in the world being he confused millions among millons
by Volges September 30, 2006
A hypocrite for killing jews (he was half jewish) claiming everyone that didnt have fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes was a jew (he had brown hair and brown eyes) and for being possible the most "nationalist" for Germany (even though he was Austrain).
Tommy is so hypocritical he might as well be called Adolf Hitler!
by Rox-ay April 29, 2006
A jewhating guy that tried to take over that round thing. The guy made some kind of sign and the people he was talking to would be standing there with one arm above their hand in front of them. The sign is still used and the nazi's are replaced by neonazi's who mostly hate negro's, middle eastern people etc while Hitler only hated jews and if you look at Israël he would probably like and help moslims.

It's said he's partly jew and some people even say he's 1/2 jew but he isn't more than 1/8 jew and that isn't even proven.

I think even if you agree with him you should admit it's a pretty weird guy cause he was looking for the people he isn't anything like and others he wanted to kill. By the way he was first painting so he had it going on if you see what he achieved if he used it for right goals he would probably be the biggest hero of germany and that people in japan wouldn't die on cancer caused by the weapons of mass destruction america used on them.
Adolf Hitler was not a nice guy and now is used to disrespect people like George W. Bush(Jr) or in The Netherlands: Rita Verdonk and Pim Fortuyn
by 187Crip July 17, 2006
Synonym for U.S. President George W. Bush.
While Adolf Hitler keeps persuing his own oil and right-wing wakko agenda the rest of us are getting screwed.
by j.a.101 June 06, 2006
The Führer of the Third Reich. Adolf Hitler was Austrian, but was was important is that he was for a unified Germanic people and nation. A little crazy, and voilent, but the movement he spawned has given birth to a wiser generation of White Nationalists. Now all us Nordics, and Germanics, and Celtics, and Slavs can stand up and throw off the foerign deseases of Christianity, Judaism, and modern sado-masichistic obedience fetish consumer culture, destroy the unnatural evil of cummunism, and return to our homeland, our religion, our people and our way of life. Europe for Europeans, Blood and Soil, Arise White Bretheren, Towards the sign of the holy sunwheel, SIEG HEIL!
Adolf Hitler unser Führer
by whatoncewas August 25, 2006
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