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The Führer of the Third Reich. Adolf Hitler was Austrian, but was was important is that he was for a unified Germanic people and nation. A little crazy, and voilent, but the movement he spawned has given birth to a wiser generation of White Nationalists. Now all us Nordics, and Germanics, and Celtics, and Slavs can stand up and throw off the foerign deseases of Christianity, Judaism, and modern sado-masichistic obedience fetish consumer culture, destroy the unnatural evil of cummunism, and return to our homeland, our religion, our people and our way of life. Europe for Europeans, Blood and Soil, Arise White Bretheren, Towards the sign of the holy sunwheel, SIEG HEIL!
Adolf Hitler unser Führer
by whatoncewas August 25, 2006
a man originally born in innsbruck, austria in 1889. He was very upset at the fact that he couldnt do finger paintings, so he joined the army. he later took over germany in 1933, then proceded to attack several countries, most notable the country of france, which as everyone knows is pretty gay. he later attacked russia, yugoslavia, britain, norway, denmark, greece, and a whole slew of other fag infested countries. he also had plans to secretly bomb sanfrancisco and kill all the fags living there. finally he killed himself.
your mom looks like hitler. (is this a your mom or hitler joke?)
by TapRootDan July 25, 2005
k. the people that wrote all of the stuff before me are wrong. He WAS born an austrian, but after the army, he changed his nationality to german. He didn't just kill jews, he killed the johova's witnesses, homosexuals, mentally/physically disabled people. He also killed every 1/3 of the gypsy population in Europe. That would be like killing every 3th latin-american. He DID NOT attack Russia. His army got about 100 miles into Russia when the harsh winters killed most of them. They retrieted only doing minor damages to villages. POLAND was NOT willing to aacept him. He believed that ALL POLISH PEOPLE were bad. No matter what religion you were, if you were polish, you were sent to a concentration camp. The most famous camp is Aushwitz in Poland. It was the most effective camp and could kill about 10,000 people in 48 hours by means of gas chambers, firing squad, or starvation. If you know anything about geography, Belguim and Germany surround France. France held on as long as he could until they finally surrendered. That was as far west as the Nazi reign got. They were close to taking england as well. Bombings and airial attacks made londoners retriet to the outskirts of England. On December 7th, the U.S. was attacked by Japan that made the U.S. apart of the war. They saved England and worked westward and eastward to surround Germany. When Germany was on the verge of surrendering to the allies russia, u.s., u.k., france, china, canada, Adolf Hitler commited suiside, taking his mistress and her 5 kids with them. He poisioned the children and her and hitler shot themselves in the head. there is a lot of contraversy if he lived or not. Records show that he fled to California. I dont kow. But please dont post shit if you dont know what youre talking bout.

Stupid idiots who dont know anything insist on talking about Adolf Hitler as if they know what theyre talking about.
by gypsy gal August 03, 2006