k. the people that wrote all of the stuff before me are wrong. He WAS born an austrian, but after the army, he changed his nationality to german. He didn't just kill jews, he killed the johova's witnesses, homosexuals, mentally/physically disabled people. He also killed every 1/3 of the gypsy population in Europe. That would be like killing every 3th latin-american. He DID NOT attack Russia. His army got about 100 miles into Russia when the harsh winters killed most of them. They retrieted only doing minor damages to villages. POLAND was NOT willing to aacept him. He believed that ALL POLISH PEOPLE were bad. No matter what religion you were, if you were polish, you were sent to a concentration camp. The most famous camp is Aushwitz in Poland. It was the most effective camp and could kill about 10,000 people in 48 hours by means of gas chambers, firing squad, or starvation. If you know anything about geography, Belguim and Germany surround France. France held on as long as he could until they finally surrendered. That was as far west as the Nazi reign got. They were close to taking england as well. Bombings and airial attacks made londoners retriet to the outskirts of England. On December 7th, the U.S. was attacked by Japan that made the U.S. apart of the war. They saved England and worked westward and eastward to surround Germany. When Germany was on the verge of surrendering to the allies russia, u.s., u.k., france, china, canada, Adolf Hitler commited suiside, taking his mistress and her 5 kids with them. He poisioned the children and her and hitler shot themselves in the head. there is a lot of contraversy if he lived or not. Records show that he fled to California. I dont kow. But please dont post shit if you dont know what youre talking bout.

Stupid idiots who dont know anything insist on talking about Adolf Hitler as if they know what theyre talking about.
by gypsy gal August 03, 2006
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Leader of the Nazi party and the Third Reich.
Watch the award winning film 'Der Untergang' aka 'Downfall', to see Bruno Ganz's very convincing portrayal of Hitler.
by Ookpick GooseFrubba August 20, 2005
The man who put the "dick" back into "dictator." Rot in hell you bastard.
Adolf Hitler was a genocidal bastard and I don't care if there is a heaven, just as long as there is a hell for him.
by Pick one September 24, 2005
First i would like to say that gypsygal has no idea what he/she is talking about. Hitler and his WIFE Eva Braun (thats right they got married a day before they commited suicide) committed suicide by both taking poison. Shortly after consumption, Hitler shot himself to escape the pain of the cyanide. Eva Braun never shot herself. They did not have any childeren. I believe you are confused with Josef and Magda Goebbels, who fed cyanide to their six childeren a day after Hitler committed suicide. One child of Magda's from a previous marriage, Harald Quandt, escaped the FuehrerBunker and made it to the united states front lines. He was 26 years old.

You are also wrong in the fact that you think Hitler tried to gain citizenship to Poland. At the outbreak of World War 1, Hitler applied for the German army, thus granting him automatic citizenship to Germany. He never once went to Poland.

And it is spelt Auschwitz, not Aushwitz. Auschwitz-Birkenau, commanded from 1941-45 by Rudolf Hoess and Otto Moll, allegedly has the highest murder rate of all the concentration camps. I will not argue with this.

The fact that you say Germany never attacked Russia makes my skin crawl with rage. My great granparents lived in Stalingrad, and i have a large part of my family from Leningrad. You do some research, and come back and tell me whether or not Germany attacked Russia. Germany ruthelessly sieged Leningrad for months. Residents of the city were forced into eating rats and other disease-ridden creatures, as well as insects. Stalingrad, the second largest city in Russia at the time, was completely obliterated by German military action and German air raids. Small villages? no, no these were the two largest cities in Soviet Russia besides Moscow at that time.

I would like for you to show me the 'records' that prove that Hitler fled to California. Maybe you are confused with Argentina, where most Nazi leaders escaped to such as Eichmann or Mengele. Even so, there is no documentation proving Hitler ever got out of Germany. In fact, the contreversey regarding Hitler's death is completely unfounded. Soviet troops found his skull when they invaded the FuehrerBunker in Berlin, and it was paired up with dental records to prove it was the skull of Hitler.

The fact that at the end of your definition you wrote 'But please dont post s--t if you dont know what youre talking bout' makes me highly consider that you wrote that entire article as a joke. It would make sense, for all that article did was showcase your complete ineptness on history.

Good Day.
Please, Gypsy Gal, do not post anymore ever. Adolf Hitler deserves a proper article, not your unfounded jibberish.
by Krzeminski September 20, 2006
The president, more of a dictator, of Germany until 1945 when he commited suicide.
Most people think of him as a German, though he's actually AUSTRIAN! He is the reason most people think all German's are nazis.
Adolf Hitler invaded Poland in 1939 and started WWII
by Konsti November 01, 2005
- Born April 20th 1889, Austria
Death: unknown
- "Fuhrer": supreme leader of Germany ( 1933-1945)
- Anti- semitic
- Fought the western allies during the war
- Germans surrender and do not follow orders as given
- Axis: Germany, Italy, Japan and other nations
- Italy: weak, surrendering because many people do not like Hitler and the war
-Japan: very effective axis power, but bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki scares the masses.
-The war ends with Germany taking sole blame as well
-Victors write more History
- Holocaust may exist because Hitler speech states: " If Jewish interests are successful in prolonging the world into yet another world war, it will not be a victory for the Jew, but rather the total annihilation of Jewry in Europe." Jan 30th,1939
Adolf Hitler- a leader that fought against Jewish interests, manipulated many people, and stayed loyal to Germany
by Danibel July 22, 2008
a guy that tried his hand at painting was rejected and then declared war on the world brought down pretty much all of europe under his rule until he got too greedy and tried to fight a war on two fronts killed millions of jews just for the lulz and couldnt face the consequences of being a dick so he shot himself supposedly because there are many claims of him being in chile or argentina!
me:hey how was your vacation in chile?
friend:awesome its such a beautiful country with great mountains,food,women and i met adolf hitler!
me:sounds great....wait what?
by ALIENSnMONSTERS November 03, 2009
A German comedian that stars in many Youtube videos, often speaks to cats via the telephone, plans raves, is a fan of deadmau5 and even made a pink mau5head that was sadly destroyed by the Russians. He was even featured in the popular game show Jeopardy where he was thoroughly beaten by Hermann Fegelein. An avid soccer fan, he tried out for the German World Cup team but sadly his skills were not up to par.
Adolf Hitler is funny in.. oh... I mean AS hell! haha
by Rellik Uzi August 27, 2010
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