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a kind host who is not arrogant but humble. Adnan is known by many as a "true friend"
Everyone should try and strive to be an Adnan!
by pseudonymous October 28, 2003
'AD' in Adnan is short for Eden, Heaven in Arabic and 'NAN' is mostly used for plural in Arabic. Hence if you combine the meanings of the two parts of 'ADNAN', it means Heavens.
He lived such a pious life that he will be rewarded with Adnan in his after-life.
by Adnan December 16, 2003
Has two sides of him. One is Evil the other Angel.
Adnan is also defined as Ad- Garden of Eden and Nan-
as in use of 'plural of' in Arabic tongue.
Which becomes Heavens.

Adnan feels exotic erotic today.
by ginaWHAT July 19, 2006
Breakdown for Adnan is:
Ad = Heaven(short for Eden)
Nan = used as 'plural of' in Arabic

Therefore Adnan means "Heavens".
There are 7 'Adnans' in the sky.
by Tim December 17, 2003
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