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'AD' in Adnan is short for Eden, Heaven in Arabic and 'NAN' is mostly used for plural in Arabic. Hence if you combine the meanings of the two parts of 'ADNAN', it means Heavens.
He lived such a pious life that he will be rewarded with Adnan in his after-life.
by Adnan December 16, 2003
An obese woman.
My friend Autumn from Sacramento is a big girl cuz she eats all the time.
by Adnan January 13, 2004
A person with a long face, large teeth, a gaping mouth, and other horse-like facial characteristics.
My first girlfriend, aka horseface, was so lame. High School sucked.
by Adnan January 13, 2004
v. To Dance. Not the tango, not the waltz, not the foxtrot, not the two-step. The "get on the floor" and "get it on" dance.
I'ma pass that dutch with my chick tonight.
by Adnan January 17, 2004
An exclamatory response after one is thoroughly insulted. Can be done by the offending party, but is more effective when a third party engages in the call or yell.
Fat boy 1: I must be losing weight, I've been sweating all day!
Fat boy 2:It doesn't count if you sweat from eating!
Fat boy 3: SHOESHINE!!!
by adnan January 12, 2004
A person who resembles excellence
Did you see Adnan, he is the epitimy of Unsur
by Adnan February 18, 2004
A name that can only describe "Adnan", because he is the true six machine. His name has a quest for having sex....one chick at a time....and looking goood doin' it.
Hot Chick: "Ooooo...Adnan...you're so good at this...mmmm....yesss...yesssss....thats the spot babay...faster, faster..!!"

Adnan: "Duh Bitch! Thats why they call me the "Six Machine" honeybun!"
by Adnan January 30, 2005
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