A name that no one can pronounce correctly usually, and often gets confused with audi, the car company.
"Is Ah-die here?"
"Um, you mean Adi?"
by Adi July 12, 2004
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THE coolest name in the universe-
only fit for THE coolest PEOPLE in the universe... well cool,uhm, besides being kinda strange...

erh, lets go with entertainingly eccentric.


(See also Marky Mark, Johnny Depp, and Spike, for references to Adi's luvahs.)
Hey Adi! Let's all bow to you and bring you pretty sparkly gifts!
by Adi January 12, 2004
Adis have the most swag in the room. He may act mean to you but hes really showing affection. They usually are at the top of the swagger scale and they KNOW it. Every girl want him but hates him. Hes so openminded and intelligent. While still be sexy even with just black hair brown eyes and average height. If your an adi your lucky. Usually has many girlfriends.
Lexie watched as Adi walked by , she knew he liked her but was intimidated by his beauty. Somehow though he was behind her and told her how he felt almost like he could read her mind.

Starla flirted with Adi but sadly knew she couldnt get him since he was going out with Bianca and Julia
by BullsBrooksideMSjohneboi May 31, 2012
the hottest bosnian alive!!
Adis can you please come to Court 3 and help me with my swing??? damnnnn you're fine
by Ali April 15, 2005
a noun that describes a boy that is more than a friend but less than a boyfriend
I: "Our relationship is so awkward. He's more than my friend but he's not my boyfriend"

K: "That's definitely Adi status"
by Jennifaaa August 05, 2007
a word that has multiple meanings like, being a dick, being a pedophile, being gay, being a "tough" guy and the most used being a creeper that sounds like justin beiber at age 25
Richie why is that dude being an adis?
by Richie Izq. Jr June 30, 2010
an abreviation for AdIOS spanish for GoOdByE used as slang for losers who cant speak english
AdI PrEgGO!!
AdI! AdI! like bye bye
by Bot Jon December 11, 2004

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