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1) a Human Paladin who maintains the level Cap and runs a guild for world of warcraft players to mingle and have a good time while doing their best to meet their individual goals together.

2) A Paladin in Shining Armor who supposedly saves fair maidens like a knight in shining armor.

3) A paladin who's wife died giving birth to the maximum characters possible on a given realm and whom didn't share his passion for paladinism. As for his sons of other races he got drunk in different Alliance cities.

4) Derives from the words Adam and Thor.
1) Random world of warcraft Player 1: Did you hear about that Human paladin Adathor?

Random World of Warcraft Player 2: Oh you mean that paladin who has terrible gear but is really cool and helpful to all? Yeah I am in his guild. They are a very nice community where the game is actually fun :D.

2) Adathor: Fear naught Fair Maiden I have come to rescue you!

Female World of Warcraft Gamer: ugh how chivilrious and medeval.

3) Adathor:(Sitting holding his head up with one hand)
Concerned Guild Member who likes to Roleplay: Whats wrong Adathor?
Adathor: Nothing, just thinking about how my wife might be doing in the heavens and what my kids who all chose different lifestyles are doing.

4) Instead of Agathor or Adam or Thor we got Adathor!
by Adathorrules January 24, 2011
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