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Adam Carson is the drummer for the band AFI. He has a unique style of drumming, and is amazing at what he does. His music is full of emotion, and helps complete the general awesome-ness of the band.
He also likes pirates. Which automatically makes him cooler then you.
Adam Carson is the most awesomely radtastic drummer ever.
by Stabs July 30, 2005
1)Drummer for A.F.I
2)Extremely attractive
3)Hella Rad guy
Person 1: who is the best drummer out there?
Person 2: Why, Adam Carson from AFI is
by Britt. Burgan May 16, 2005
“My name is Adam, and if you quote this message then I will have a quote”

Adam Carson is an amazingly funny, sweet, behind-the-scenes guy. He is the original and only drummer of AFI, though he has put in some work with other bands such as Tiger Army. His bandmates include the ever-gorgeous Jade Puget, the always hilarious Hunter Burgan, and the amazingly lyrical Davey Havok. Adam pulls AFI together with his rockin' beats!

He, at one point, admitted to enjoying pirates.... however he has mentioned the annoying habit of fans to over-estimate his love of them.

Adam doesn't get enough love from the world. However, he may appreciate that. Adam said he enjoys hanging in the back. He once stated, "I'm a drummer, not a model." Seeing as he approves of not shining in the spotlight, he believes that the lead singer gets the limelight, but the drummer gets the girls!!
Adam Carson is a very silly man! A good example of said silliness is the time I went to see a show of AFI's in Arizona and he made funny faces at me. He was rather far away, but saw me staring shamelessly at him. Upon noticing the staring, he proceded to make funny faces at me, and continued to do so countering my faces with new ones until he was distracted. Adam is a GREAT guy!!!

Interviewer - "Do you prefer cuddling or spooning?"

Adam - "If you mean cuddling puppies and spooning ice cream into my mouth I'd have to call a tie."
by Gionni February 27, 2007
Adam Carson is an amazing, beautiful man.
He also has a cute ass, but don't let that distract you from his drumming skills and his gorgeous eyes.
Adam overall, kicks major ass.
Adam Carson is an amazing drummer and therefore, owns your face.
by ChocolateNailGun September 06, 2008
Drummer and one of only two remaining founding members of the rock band AFI, formed in 1991 in Ukiah, California. Brown hair and eyes, tall, extremely attractive.

Adam has also played on albums with Tiger Army.
Who's your favorite drummer?
Adam Carson.
by PaigeLovesIt February 12, 2008
is tall. nice smile. he is mega fresh on the drums. he's a swell guy. plays for afi and is thus way cooler than you. he is a fancy kid and you want to be his best friend. equally as fantastical as jade, davey, and hunter.
bystander: "adam carson, you are so tall and mega fresh and fancy."

adam: " hey, thanks."
by scrtninja1221 February 26, 2007
Kickass drummer for the sock-rockin' band AFI. He is a pirate, and will own your soul if you're not careful.
"Adam The Pirate Carson will take over the world and own you."
by IreneG May 16, 2005
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