ADR is short for Adrenaline Rush. It's A sudden burst of energy from an increase of the hormone Adrenaline, sometimes causes feats of abnormal strength. It's that feeling a person gets before or after going into a intense situation. That person can become nervous, excited, or pumped. Usually wrestlers get it before going to a wrestling match, or when MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters are about to fight. It can also occur when bitches are giving you a hard time and so you get this rush of inspiration and motivation to become a better person. It is most commonly used when a person is rejected. Most likely a person gets it when he or she is mad and when that happens you should be scared. Symptoms of ADR are turning green, growing large, shorts ripping, uncontrollable anger, and unlimited strength.
"This bitch rejected me.....ADR for sure!"
"The wrestler had ADR, so he crushed his opponent"
"How'd you beat my ass?" Answer: ADR
"When I get an ADR, I feel motivated and I want to go to the gym"
by ChAoSdaNinja May 30, 2009
Top Definition
Average Damage per Round
Often used in Counter-Strike and other FPS'
Hey what's your ADR?
It's only 13.2, I've been doing crap lately
by Kazoid July 23, 2015
This is a shorten version of the phrase: all due respect.
ADR, but I hate your outfit.
by Your Maker February 26, 2008
Short for Adrenaline. An online group of people that DDoS, hack accounts, and are complete badasses. Generally like to fuck with xbox live kids and never pay for anything themselves. Adrenaline iLLuSioNz is the hacking branch
"Omg he has AdR in his name! we gotta get the hell outta here."
by oRedruMo April 12, 2009
When a film or television producer shows up to a formal ADR session extremely hungover - the acronom takes on a new meaning: "Additional Drinks Required"
Dude, I showed up to my A.D.R. session this morning and let me tell you, there were Additional Drinks Required.
by anthubc2010 - Dr. Rand Mcnall October 07, 2010

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