when someone talks in acronyms.
'Wtf? i cba atm!'
(what the f*ck? i cant be arsed at the moment)
'tbh i dont care'
(to be honest i dont care)
'oi you two! stop acronysing, its a annoying!'
by George Macky August 16, 2008
Top Definition
When you and another person say the same acronym at the same time. Acronym-Synchronising.
WTF!? At the same time.
Tl;Dr. At the same time.
Using the same acronym at the same time.
Acronysing or in past tense, acronysed.
E.G. We just acronysed.
Or "Did we just acronyse?"
by The Rated R Superstar January 05, 2010
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