A classic song by Iron Maiden. It is perhaps the most covered song in all of metal.
Children of Bodom covered Iron Maiden's "Aces High."
by Paradoxical Bum October 10, 2005
Top Definition
1. A badass Iron Maiden song
1. Run// Live to Fly// Fly to Live// Do or Die// Watch you Burn// Live to Fly// Fly to Live// Aces High
by Michael the Awesome October 10, 2005
An awesome song about the Spitfire by British metal Gods, Iron Maiden.

This is the first track on their 1984 album Powerslave.
At the 3 minute, 58 second mark of Aces High, Bruce Dickinson sounds af if someone just dropped an anvil on his bollocks.
by NabeshinsWig January 20, 2006
1.) In a card game an ace can be the lowest or highest card in the deck, in this case it is the highest. If it was the lowest it would be known as Aces Low.

2.) High stakes; Slang for a dangerous event; No turning back
1.) While playing a card game someone asked, "Are aces low or high"? I replied, "It's Aces High"
by Josh Monroe July 20, 2010
a new-found term for cocaine
shit man, aces high is fucked up!
by canary March 05, 2005
a new-found term for cocaine.
shit, man aces high is fucked up!
by canary March 05, 2005
Aces High is a gang started early 2000 in Memphis tennesee its mainly a drug trafficing gang and small time arms dealing gang there aliance is People
they major ally is Vicelord the main people in the gang have nick names the same as cards there symbols are diamonds clubs hearts and spadesthere colors are blue and white and black and white
damn dude them aces high niggas killing these folks
by BayRep May 02, 2005
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