What is generally lacking in the chambers of Congress and the boardrooms of Fortune 500 corporations!
Kenneth Lay- Let's just see if we can blow up this corporation while getting silly-rich in the process.
Junior Accountant- But sir, what about the thousands of employee retirement funds? Are you aware of corporate accountability?
Kenneth Lay- (Silence... Crickets humming...) Umm, I just bought a new Maybach...
by zagnut February 21, 2005
Top Definition
A word lacking a definite meaning. Often used in conjunction with the words "regulation", "greed", and "oversight" (all of which have equally vague definitions) on major news networks to elicit emotional responses from their braindead viewers.
Talking Head 1: I think that the greed on Wall Street, selfish people who make money, and the lack of oversight by the government are to blame for the failing economy.

Talking Head 2: Yeah! We need more accountability!
by srnty March 23, 2009
blame, in the sense that others are free from blame in assigning "accountability" to others
I want to assure the American People that this administration has assigned full accountability to uh, and that, uh, there are people who are, people in this administration, and that (whoever is scape goat du jour) accepts full accountability - and it's hard work! And we've, uh, he's got a job to do, and he's gonna do it. He's accountable!
by Michael Gannett February 13, 2006
Noun: a meaningless term applied to State Standardized testing; generally used to make politicians sound important.
State Senator: Wow, the only student who can't read is the one who never showed up to class all year! We need more accountability for the teachers that did not track that child down and force them to learn.
by hadit January 01, 2005
The Ability to Count
To be able to count
by Mario November 21, 2003
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