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The act of cramming a large amount of information into memory over a short period of time and then regurgitating the memorized information onto a test. Just as the bulimic retains very few nutrients from the food he or she purges, shortly after the exam an academic bulimic retains very little memory of the regurgitated information.
Academic Bulimia is a form of Bulimia. Instead of binging and purging food, the Academic Bulimic binges and purges information.
by CFallon March 27, 2008
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The process of learning or memorizing by rote, subsequently followed by the regurgitation of that knowledge onto an exam answer sheet. Just as with the serious eating disorder, this form of bulemia results in no real retention of substance.

This term is frequently applied to describe a common practice of young medical students.
I can't remember anything that I learned last night. It's like I grabbed the answer sheet, puked out all the answers and forgot everything immediately. I'd say that's academic bulimia.
by Thomas Suszynski January 05, 2009
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the act of memorizing information in class and then regurgitating it onto an exam/answer sheet. Doing this means you pass with a high mark, but you don't actually retain any of what you learned.
Sorry, Professor, but my academic bulimia prevents me from remembering anything prior to this chapter.
by OhHeyItsShanaJ January 25, 2011
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Noun: an approach employed for test taking in academic settings in which students memorize, often through cramming, answers to expected questions, then purge said answers on to a test, only to never again recall that information.
Teacher: Use this study guide to prepare for the essay test.
Students: Essay test? Can we just have a multiple guess test?
Teacher: No, I want you to actually learn this, academic bulimia won't help you here.
by Prof. Huhn December 07, 2010
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This is the process of memorizing topics then pouring them onto an exam. Following, students will forget everything. Most common in Jews, Asians, and anyone in the top 2 percent of my high school class.
My valedictorian probably has academic bulimia.
Medical students
by Lady Anne July 16, 2013
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