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Someone who performs abortions. These can be neccesary for many reasons, not the least of with in non-consensual sexual intercourse.
Kelly was raped and got pregnant so she went to an "abortionist".
by Open-minded April 13, 2005
One who takes pleasure in giving abortions. Even makes sport out of getting girls pregnant and making them pay for the abortion.
Dave got another girl prego. Ya hes a real abortionist
by T.T.C June 16, 2010
a medical doctor who kills unborn babies
a person who chops up and sucks unborn babies out the Mother's uterus in a medical office.
by Maaary Eileen June 04, 2005
A saviour more worshipped than Haysuess!
Thank GOD it's MY decision to rip "babies" from my womb as long as I live and breathe because it's my fucking body! Luckily, all my friends are abortionists. I RULE!
by carmendunwoody March 25, 2005
A sorry son of a bitch who makes a living at killing innocent babies, because of ignorant people who don't know how to handle responsibility from their own actions.
"The guy next door is going to hell cause he is a baby killer, I mean an abortionist."
by Chris November 17, 2004
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