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A computer user deeply involved in the internet culture who likes to be rude, patronizing and horny. This occurs when an individual no particularly important life-goal and has a very limited access to education, religion and other forms of entertainment.
1. *(abnoobination) enters Nerds (chat) room*
*(user1) says to (abnoobination)*: hello
*(abnoobination) says*: I HATE NERDS!! go get a life
*(user1) says*: we already have lives
*(abnoobination) says*: stfu you moron
2. {based on actual event}
*(abnoobination)*: you, drop your armour and sword and log out
*(user1)*: why would i do that?
*(abnoobination)*: if you dont, i will hack your pc
by Mighty Denominator June 27, 2006
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