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Abiel (noun) - used to define a male, usually a Dominican-Puerto Rican-American, who defines the Male Code. He can talk to girls, be their male friend, and listen to them rant on and on about female stuff, and he can do it and be BAMF at the same time. He's devoted to one girl, and will probably love her for a long time. However, he has a lot of close, platonic female friends. Gives good advice. Brutally honest. Sometimes acts too tough or like a jerk, but overall is a gentleman.

He is usually the best hermanito a Cuban could ever adopt.
Girl 1: Who's that guy over there?
Girl 2: Oh, that's my friend.
Girl 1: He looks like player.
Girl 2: Nah, he's really sweet. He helped get me and my boyfriend together.
Girl 1: Really? He looks like he wouldn't give a shit.
Girl 2: Nah, he will. I'm his hermanita, after all. And he's real sweet to his friends.
Girl 1: Hmm...
Girl 2: You should go talk to him, Nati. He's an Abiel.
Girl 1: REALLY? Why didn't you say so before?
by UndefinedPersona June 06, 2011