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Always Be Billable
Used to describe the ultimate goal for consultants which is to always be billable to the client.
Developed from "Always Be Closing (ABC)" which was used in the movie Glenngary Glenn Ross to describe the ultimate goal for salesman.
If you want to move up in consulting, you must remember, Always Be Billable (ABB).
by Andrew Hutchinson January 17, 2008
This is an acronym for Anyone But Bush. It is the mindset of many americans who are fed up with Dubya's lies.

This may or may not mean Senator Kerry, but it probably doesn't mean Ralph Nader, either.

People who are voting ABB should learn about the candidates before pointing fingers.
Even though I am voting for Kerry, I do not at all support ABB voters who are ignorant of the policies of both candidates.
by Fibby September 12, 2004
An abbreviation for "Anybody But Bush."

"Anybody but Bush" being a term used by neo-libs, socialists, communists, and all stupid parties in the US to indicate they do not like Bush in office. In actuality, a very rediculous term, as it opens a very broad statement, suggesting that one could run the country better than Bush has. (Please see elitist for a more detailed description of these people.)
Elitist: ABB!
Me: What, like you?
Elitist: Yes!
Me: What good will you do?
Elitist: Um...
by Dark Chaos July 30, 2004