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A hot sexy bitch with a big attitude. If you ever come across her, don't let her go! this bitch will always be there for you whenever you need her. Abbe's are awesome.
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A nickname used between people who are so in love with one another, that no one else understands. To be someone's Abbe is a great compliment. And it's even funnier because no one else knows what the hell Abbe means, and those that do know don't give a fujk!
Bryce, you're my Abbe. I love you more than anything else in the world, and I don't give a fujk about what anyone else thinks!
by ReindeerNinja April 26, 2009
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A powerful bond between two people.
loveyou abbes
by Adam Steffan Jones March 14, 2009
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As befits the idea of precious cargo, this is two bees escorted by a couple of our most famous vowels. As the bee populations continue to decline due to unknown circumstances the translational qualities of this letter configuration depict the fantastic qualities of the physical embodiment of this name. a to the double b eeeeeee. is like a whopper with all your special selected toppings.
Abbewhopper, jrAbbe. whopper, dblAbbe whopper, whopper wit Abbecheese see above if you please
by swolbert February 05, 2010
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'babes' spelt by a finn or a fanny, maybe even boo once she reads this. TL..
"you alright there abbes?"

"dh is ma abbes"
by eefz September 26, 2008
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Tall, Green Eyes, amazing actess and dancer! Sometimes has really AWESOME friends named Molly...can be a bit on the loose side, but we love her anyway :) attracted to creepy Hawaiins, occasionaly blind and loves guys under 5'5" named Aaron!
Check out that sexy Lady!

She's with Aaron and Molly and some creepy Hawiian

Must be an Abbe
by MollyDoll654 March 21, 2010
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Abbe is a Beautiful name,she is so sexy loves her friends,loves to have fun and make her friends laugh,if you are friends with an Abbe STAY WITH HER she is always there for you

Ps.her hair is amazing
Dang her name is Abbe? That's such a unique name
by XxkillmermxX May 27, 2017
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