Abbie is such a nice girl, she is caring, selfless and extremely beautiful, she's an amazing singer and a strong individual, she is very modest and has a lot of friends, she doesn't care what other people think of her unless they are her friends, in which case she is a true friend, she is not predjudice and doesn't care what you look like, and doesn't blame you for your accidents. She is extremely intelligent and cares for her reputation. Everyone wants to be with her, she's purely amazing, beautiful person who seriously proves the "nobody's perfect" theory wrong!
Everyone: Oh My God! Abbie is so perfect!
by asdfMEfdsa December 09, 2012
The girl who has big blue eyes, the cutest face and the longest dark blonde hair, who is the most beautiful, the most awesome, the best, the most amazing, the prettiest, the sexiest, the funniest, the absolute cutest in the world. Anyone would be lucky to have this Abbie so if your ever lucky enough to get her don't screw it up or take advantage, because she is the most kindest and thoughtful person you would ever be lucky enough to go out with.

This wonderful person goes by the names: Super Abbie, smarty blue pants, cutie, beautiful, sexy and or sexy ass, my girl and NUTTER!
" I just cant take me eyes off abbie shes just so beautiful"
" Awwwwww abbies so cute"
by Foreverherboy March 07, 2013
Cool person. Can't spell, but is bright. She is very pretty and usually is popular. Likes the sports: rowing, karate and netball. Abbie goes very well with Andreas/Andy!
I would love to be like Abbie!
by popdepop January 13, 2011
A dedicated and pretty girl but when she is bored she searches her name on urban dictionary
Who doesn't love Abbie
by Thisperson98765 June 25, 2014
Abbie tends to surround herself with people that usually hurt her but she keeps positive she's bubbly,lovely,sweet,very intellectual although she tries to hide it and totally bonkers but you couldn't possibly let her go she's brunette and pretty usually players think there playing her or think she's in love with them but it's usually the other way around you'll be in love with her and you won't even know it,if you have her don't let her go or you'll soon regret it as abbie has a very icy side you want to avoid her well she can be the ice queen.Usually prefers blondes but doesn't mind the browns and the odd ginger,can be very athletic and sporty but loves a good sit down in front of the telly and a plate full of food,don't hurt an abbie as they are so delicate as much as they try to hide it,she's very loyal and cares deeply for her friends and family and is very protective if you're in a relationship with abbie she's very passionate and adventurous so don't let her go
"Wow abbie is a great kisser"
by urbandictionarrotor May 25, 2014
abbie is the best friend anyone could ask for, especially once you get to know her. She has such an amazing personality and all the boys are after her because she is outstandingly beautiful! Along with looking like a model, shes absolutely hilarious and very very lovable!! It is close to impossible that you will ever find someone as amazing as her
I love abbie!
by mahhehhehheh September 22, 2013
A person obsessed with sex in every way. A Abbie normaly is very strange but in a good way. They also scream at random times. If you find a Abbie keep them
by Meh I like bananas March 24, 2014

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