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2 definitions by ReindeerNinja

A nickname used between people who are so in love with one another, that no one else understands. To be someone's Abbe is a great compliment. And it's even funnier because no one else knows what the hell Abbe means, and those that do know don't give a fujk!
Bryce, you're my Abbe. I love you more than anything else in the world, and I don't give a fujk about what anyone else thinks!
by ReindeerNinja April 26, 2009
When one mistakingly types the word 'fujker' instead of 'fucker' due to intoxication, and then claims to have made up a new word. Apparently meaning 'dirty' in Norwegian.
"I'm totally gonna mess that Fujker up!!"
by ReindeerNinja February 08, 2009