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Anonymous You're Referring To.
Anonymous 1: Personally, I hate the way all of these responses are in haiku.
Anonymous 2: Er - what?
Anonymous 3: Not AYRT, but I think the point is you can say you hate something all you want, even if it's not true.
by cristiline January 04, 2010
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 Are You Really This Stupid?
Are you really this stupid? Is anyone?
by mongoloid August 12, 2004
refer to AYRTS    
Are you really this stupid?
by mongoloid August 12, 2004
The acronym for the best film production group ever. It stands for "Are You Recording This?!"
"Hey did you see that awesome film made by AYRT?"
"Yeah it was a really good film!"
by Dumbbum February 02, 2009

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