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Chat acronym for Are You Fu**ing Serious?
Bill: I saw your mom down by the pier last night.
Jim: AYFS?
by Flek Ricci January 19, 2007
Ayf = All your Face, as in, All your face are belong to us, the battlecry of the alien facehggers from the alien films. a la all your base
Rob: I'm playing the AVP game
Will: Wow. What as?
Rob: Aliens
Will: Got facehuggers?
Rob: Yes.... why?
Will: So you can say: "AYF"
Rob: ?
Will: As in, "All your face"
Rob: ?
Will: as in, "All your face are belong to us"
Rob: :s
by Tartarus September 22, 2005
Are You F**king Sorry
>playing soccer in gym
>ball is up in air
>think I'm gonna be awesome and air kick it into the goal
>miss ball
>kick goalie in the face
>try to ask "Are you okay?!" and "I'm f/cking sorry!" at the same time
>instead end up yelling "AYFS!?"
>goalie is choking back tears
by Gelegenheight July 12, 2016
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