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Short for 'All Your Base,' which is short for 'all your base are belong to us'
come and see the AYB Flash movie
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 20, 2003
An author of some clever daffynitions.
AYB wrote daffynitions of we need to talk, tornado alley, valley girl, cult, Christianity, obese, freedom fries, and Life. Darn! Some duh-weeb removed some of his better ones.
by Downstrike May 26, 2004
I hear ayb is a posting whore.
by Doh Nuts 13 September 12, 2004
An Urban Dictionary regular who is hated because many of his posts are obviously some of the better definitions on this site, and his posts usually have proper spelling and grammar. Can't honestly say that about the posts normally made by those who hate him.
Looks like AYB hasn't been posting lately. Probably found something else to do besides posting on Urban Dictionary.
by Lauren X May 15, 2004
dumb fuck that has no idea what he is talking about. Quake rip-off? give me a break! metroid prime introduced many of the features that other consoles right now are attempting to rip off. Metroid prime may look like a rip-off but indeed is not. Stupid asshat is a better word for this sad little man
AYB? that faggot?
by chrisguy March 29, 2004
Looks like the last real post that anti-American faggot made was the Radioshack post. Good riddance, AYB, and I hope you died.
Let's mess AYB's rep by posting shit in his name. With any luck, people will recommend for deletion all his posts. :^D
by AYB is teh cocksuxor May 25, 2004
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